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It's important to connect. Luckily there are 100 different ways to do this.
Here are 4 of the good ways:
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Research has shown that the closer you physically are to a person, the more likely you are to connect. So the likelihood of clicking with someone increases with every meter of proximity. That's why a face to face meeting has to be a top choice.
Mr S. A. Swift
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Järntorget 3
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A beautiful rarity, the hand written letter. I know I love receiving them. It may make a comeback some day, so keep it in mind when you're communicating. It will take a while to arrive but it will be remembered for much longer.
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Email is still the number one choice for communication at work. It provides a great reminder of what was said and it allows you to design and layout precisely what you'd like to say. At a more advanced level, it will transform your business.
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The phone call is great for explaining that cryptic email you just sent. But more importantly, a positive tone of voice will strengthen your relationship with the people you value at work. And remember, you CAN hear a smile.