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Do you have a particular email design or theme you woud like?
What kind of email are you sending? A newsletter or an invitation?
or do you want to tell people about your new product or service?
An eye-catching email newsletter tells your customers you are active & enthusiastic & shows off your latest promotions. Be excited about your news.  Then your customers will be too.
Create a buzz & excitement around your event by giving your guests a taste of what to expect on the day.    Use an eye-catching design with enticing images of the bits you know they’ll enjoy.  Then you’ll get the attendance you deserve.
Collect email addresses & build a relevant mailing list. For example, of your restaurant guests who like to know what’s cooking.   Get your customers to add themselves to your list & email them what they want in return.  Keep your list up to date. The newer the contacts, the keener they will be. 3D Email effects are gaining popularity as a way to make our emails stand out from a cluttered computer screen.  3 dimensional optical illusions will excite tired eyes and make the recipient pay attention.   Call or email us for more details

An exciting & relevant subject is your first priority.
Next, you should use an eye-catching header & descriptive headline to entice & inform your readers.

Remember that the top left corner is the first visible part of
the email. Putting your logo and headline here is a good idea.
Use your company fonts & colours, plus some exciting images...

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